Raid Data Recovery Malaysia

Raid Data Recovery Company in Malaysia, we can backup files from raid 1 raid5 raid 6 raid 0 raid 10 raid5r. we can recover from morethen 200TB Files Storage even encrypted sas fb sata drives mechanical raid failed

Raid Data Recovery Services in Malaysia, we offer guarantee to retrieve data base os software from raid 1 raid5 raid mirror raid 6 raid 10 raid 1+0

some time raid hdd will not mechanical damage  only raid controller failed in this case less chance for data loss 

our raid expert can restore or backup data from even encrypted enterprises system 

we offer onsite service all over malaysia brunei singapore contact us any data loss situation.


Raid Data Recovery Malaysia

Relive Data Recovery works with hard drives on desktops, laptops, and external drives, even if the hard drive is clicking or the device won’t turn on.
For NAS systems, getting your files back quickly requires the help of a professional recovery service. For NAS systems, Relive Digital Forensic has the fastest turn-around times in the business.
We have come up with new ways to get data off of Memory Cards, SD Cards, and any other type of memory storage. We can fix devices that are broken both physically and mentally.
SSDs are a popular type of flash memory that is used to store important data on a personal and enterprise level. We can rebuild and recover from SSDs and hybrid SSD/HDD drives without risking damage to the media.
We can fix and recover all kinds of media on your desktop and laptop computers. We can get your files back from Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, and every other system.
We have come up with new ways to recover data from USB Drives, Flash Drives, Pen Drives, and any other type of USB storage. We can fix devices that are broken both physically and logically.

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